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Contrary to popular belief mixing isn't about EQ or effects. It's about understanding your vision for the song and bringing that vision to life. We specialize in Mixing so you can focus on creating music that resonates with your fans. Learn more.



Mastering is about balance across a song or an album's entire audio spectrum. Too often I hear, "Why do I have to master? I'm already peaking at 0db." That's not the same thing. Mastering can make or break your record. Visit our Mastering page for more info.



Not satisfied with your mix or master, but don't want to redo either process? Do you have vocals or instruments that don't quite have that sparkle, body or punch? We are exceptional at giving your music that finishing touch. Contact us.


"An industry leader in online Digital Mixing and Mastering within the independent music community.


About Us

Your Post Production Partner

Welcome to David A. Lopez Mixing, Mastering and Audio Finishing. We have a deep passion for music and music production. We believe that music is art and that art needs to be in the world. We know that creating great art can be very difficult and frustrating that's why we also believe that creative people need partners. We don’t consider ourselves to only be engineers. The industry is saturated with great engineers. We are here to be your go-to resource for taking your music to the next level. We're here to be your Post Production Partner.

With over two decades of industry experience we're familiar with practically every genre of music: Rock, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, Indie, Jazz, World, Easy Listening, Alternative, Chill, etc, etc, etc. We’ve worked with it all. You name it, we love it! When we get new projects they leave with a fresh sound and a new life.

"Dave brought an energy to the sound of our EP that we didn’t even know was hiding in the music until we heard it."
Brady Erickson, The Ross Sea Party

Our goal is to help you become a better artist.

Our mixing and mastering services are realized through state-of-the-art digital technology. All of our work is performed “in the box”. Please visit the Mixing and Mastering pages to see a list of technologies that we utilize. We also provide you, the musician, with the most current information coming out of the music industry. We share opinions from some of the best independent music resources and use this information as a conduit for growth. Our goal is to not only provide you with a partnership and great service, but also deliver anything and everything that will help you become a better artist.

"Working with Dave was a pleasure. He is a craftsman, providing professional, detailed, and personalized service. I got Dave's name from a previous satisfied client. Would I recommend Dave? Absolutely."
Geordie McElroy, Blackwater Jukebox

If you’re interested in speaking with us about Mixing or Mastering your project contact us through our Contact Form. Before you do, though, it's best if you check our Client Guidelines to make sure we're a good fit and then see How We Work. It's very different from most Mixing and Mastering services. Also, check out the Testimonials page to see feedback about our recent work.

"I am very excited with the results of Dave's work. He has a great ear and an uncanny ability to verbalize musical concepts. I especially appreciate his straightforward and honest feedback and his genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals. I highly recommend working with him."
Jeffery Blue, Independent Recording Artist

Also, if you are into music production, songwriting or keeping up with the latest music industry news please sign up for our FREE emails by using our SUBSCRIBE section below. It takes only seconds and delivers extremely valuable benefits to your music industry knowledge. Not to mention it's a great way to stay connected to what's happening in today's music business. Some topics include:

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In the meantime happy music making and I hope we can create beautiful art together.
Dave Lopez
Founder, David A. Lopez Mixing, Mastering and Audio Finishing.


"Design everything. If you're responsible for the project, then you're responsible for designing the brand, the food, and wine, the environment, as well as the mix. - Manny Marroquin


Our Skills

  • Mixing100%
  • Mastering100%
  • Production90%
  • Tracking85%
  • Overdubbing80%
  • Client Satisfaction110%


"To me music is a very sacred thing. I believe that music has the power to heal people... So I treat music very, very seriously. - Bob Ludwig



"Music is about connecting with emotion, not equipment. It's about creating sonic art then giving that art to the world. Our mission is to help you get there. - Dave Lopez


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