Are You Part of World 2.0?

I’ve had the term “World 2.0″ on my mind for a few days.  Yesterday, I googled it .  There were a few articles using the phrase but it doesn’t seem like there was a widely accepted definition for the term.  Therefore, I am going to use it to describe what I have been observing in the world.

To me, World 1.0, was the evolution of civilization up through the latter half on the 1900s.  World 1.0 was defined by civilization’s urge to grow beyond day-to-day survival.  Granted, this wasn’t a goal that all of civilization agreed upon and set in stone.  But if you look over history you will see that this was a significant factor driving civilization.  As an aggressively growth-oriented civilization (western civilization especially) we have been looking forward for a long time now, racing to get to the finish line – to get to our unspoken goal.  Currently in western civilization people rarely, if ever, die from starvation or exposure to the elements.  In this way, the leading edge of civilization has reached the goal – we have gone beyond day-to-day survival.

So what then is World 2.0?

First off, World 2.0 is about realizing and deeply internalizing that we (especially westerners) have gone beyond day-to-day survival, that we have crossed this finish line.  (Close your eyes, take a deep breath, slowly exhale… and read that line again).  Seriously, take a second to really feel this and realize it.  Yes, you worry about your finances or getting a bigger house… but you’re not concerned about having enough food for the winter or dying of malaria.  Appreciate this moment that all of our ancestors collectively achieved.  It is amazing.

World 2.0 is about appreciating this moment, and then turning around for the first time to look back at the millions of people still running the race.  It is about looking around to see what we have created while our heads were down and we were driving forward.  It is about looking inside and asking the hard questions about what we see, what we have created, and what we have left behind.

World 2.0 is about refining what it means to be a human within civilization and nature once basic needs are met.

World 2.0 is here and there is an open invitation to be a part of it.  No need to RSVP.  Just show up.

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