Brenden Mulligan’s Starting A Music Startup Series

image from This post is part of the Starting a Music Startup series by Brenden Mulligan, which focuses on building a company that creates online products for musicians. Mulligan founded ArtistData, which was recently acquired by Sonicbids, and can be found on Twitter at @bmull.

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For the first post, I just wanted to lay out how this series will be structured. Of course, I'm hoping that the series grows with comments and input from everyone else, so it might not take this exact path.

This series is written to people who are starting music companies that plan to offer a service to musicians. It's what ArtistData has done over the past few years. This particular series isn't as relevant for people launching music startups aimed at music fans (for example, Pandora).

This series will be broken into 3 parts:

  1. Foundational Metrics: In order to build a company, it's important to understand some of the key metrics around the eco-system. These are things you might typically see in a business plan. Metrics like market size, willingness to pay, and exit potential.
  2. Value Approaches: We'll look at some different approaches to take when offering something to the artist market. We'll also explore how companies are doing with these approaches now.
  3. Individual Topics requested by you: This part is all you guys. You tell me what you want to know. I'm a pretty open person (most ArtistData users will tell you that) so I'm happy to share whatever. Just ask and we'll see if it can turn into a topic.

I'm excited to get this rolling. Please leave any thoughts in the comments on what you want to see included in this series!

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