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I am a junkie for news about the music business. Which band is getting signed? What executive is being hired or canned? Which labels are gobbling up the little guys and even other majors? We deliver all of that to you in the Music Business News category.

Just Sing The Damn Song!

This is a repost of an article written by Robin Hilton, producer and co-host for the popular NPR Music show All Songs Considered. He brings up a question I've discussed many times with music colleagues.

"What's more important? The lyrics or the melody?"

Personally I'm a melody man. A song's melody is very important to me, but the vocal melody is what I really listen to - and hum. Others, like my wife, will know every lyric to every song she hears upon her first listen. I, on the other hand, will probably only get the lyrics to the chorus until I've heard the song about 5 times. Even then I'll probably only know the lyrics to the first verse.

Anyway, Robin gives us his insight and has a questions for the audience at the end of his piece. Enjoy!

by Robin Hilton

Angry little boy

Just Sing the Damn Song!

If you missed it, on our recent SXSW preview show, I revealed one of the secret ingredients you can add to a song to get Bob Boilen to love it: speak singing.

He's a total sucker for it. If an artist rattles off his or her lyrics in more of a spoken monotone than a sung melody (like Lou Reed), you can reel Bob in, hook, line and sinker.

Conversely, I can't think of anything that turns me off from a song faster. I don't want to mention any names, but let's just say albums by Leonard Cohen or the Joy Division or The Hold Steady aren't exactly the first records I reach for (all brilliant artists, just not my thing).

You can read the entire article over at npr.org.

Music Marketing Lessons (from a Furniture Store)

This is a repost from David Hooper over at Music Marketing [dot] com. It describes how excellent customer service can really enhance the experience you provide to your customer/client/artist. I like to think that I provide this type of service as well and if I don't I wish you, my clients, would tell what I can do better.

After all, it's you I really want to help make great art. I want the experience of helping you make that art to be the best it can possibly be. Enjoy the article.

Written by David Hooper

If you're wondering how companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google are kicking ass and taking names, even in a "down" economy, here's the answer...

User experience.

This stuff isn't just for the supernerds who program iPhone apps and websites; it's something you can use in your music marketing and it's a lot more simple than people make it out to be.

For example, take a look at this letter I received in my mailbox yesterday...


Music Marketing Lessons (from a Furniture Store)

Try this in your Music Marketing


You can read the rest of the article over at Music Marketing [dot] com

“Look out”, The Ross Sea Party aired on ABC’s Private Practice.

The Ross Sea Party, a CrazyEye Music Service mastering client.

Featured on ABC's Private Practice

On March 15th CrazyEye Music Services mastering client, The Ross Sea Party had their song "Look Out" featured on ABC's hit show, Private Practice.

This is huge for the LA based group of "five friends who wanted to transcend the disconnected and nonsensical nature of life in the city to create something consequential, the band embarked with hollow-body guitars, well-tuned drums, and a glockenspiel."

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Are Music Listeners Ready to Move to the Cloud?

Many consumers still want to own their tunes

Music in the Cloud

New options for media consumption on the web as well as mobile and smart devices are continually emerging, and Spotify’s launch in the US is just one of the latest changes to shake things up. With Apple’s iCloud debuting in iOS 5, what do consumers think of storing and streaming their music from the cloud—and the concept of renting vs. owning it?

"Even buying physical copies of CDs or vinyl edged out free online streaming options..."

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The Difference Between the Music Industry & The Recording Industry

The Difference Between the Music Industry and the Recording Industry

So, what is the difference?

Written by Jeremy Belcher, Editor of Think Like a Label, a magazine for musicians & their people.

After publishing Why You Should Give Your Music Away for Free on Music Think Tank, I have been inundated with articles, comments, and other assorted replies decrying that the new digital music business models are killing the music industry. It got me thinking about a crucial distinction that is being overlooked, and the consequences of doing so are preventing many from seeing the opportunities that are abound. It boils down to one main concept.

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