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I am a junkie for news about the music business. Which band is getting signed? What executive is being hired or canned? Which labels are gobbling up the little guys and even other majors? We deliver all of that to you in the Music Business News category.

Edgar Bronfman Jr. Says Warner Music Will Fight Universal-EMI Merger ‘Tooth and Nail’


On his last day as chairman of Warner Music Group, Edgar Bronfman Jr. promised that the company will fight Universal's purchase of EMI "tooth and nail," adding that it strikes him as "hubris particularly for Universal to think it's going to be easy to buy EMI, and frankly to think they can buy EMI at all."

EMI Publishing Goes to Sony, Label to Universal

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Blackwater Jukebox #4 on Berkeley Place’s Top 10 Indie songs of 2011

CrazyEye client, Blackwater Jukebox

CrazyEye mastering client, Blackwater Jukebox gets #4 on Berkeley Place Blog for Top 10 Indie EP and Singles for 2011 for the EP Banjos and Breakbeats.

I've done many projects with Geordie McElroy, the leader (and sole member for that matter) for Blackwater Jukebox, but this one was our first together. His style is very unique and extremely interesting. He once told me "It's like electro/funk/banjo mixed with breakbeats", but I think this description from his site sums it up nicely...

"Imagine the sound of Pete Seeger and the RZA in a switchblade fight in the catacombs under a decaying medina."

Yup, that's about right. If you'd like to hear more of Blackwater Jukebox you can head over to his Bandcamp page and listen to Banjos and Breakbeats as well as the Eastside Girl single and the Moonshiner EP. If you're into new music - like really new - both are worth a listen.

By the way, how great is the Banjos and Breakbeats cover art!? How does it relate to the title of the EP? Heck, I don't know. That's something you'll have to ask Geordie.

Show Dates:
If you're in LA you can catch him twice through the end of January. Once on Dec 30 at Lot 1 Cafe  and again on Jan 28 at  Silverlake Lounge.

Teddy Riley talks about K-Pop and Dangerous Music equipment.

Teddy Riley talking about K-Pop and Dangerous Music

Super producer Teddy Riley talks about the new style he's working in, K-Pop, and how he set-up shop in South Korea to work within the genre. In this Mix article he also mentions his love of Dangerous Music hardware equipment like the 2-Bus LT, Monitor ST and D-Box.

About working in Korea he says...

“I came out to Korea because there was a song that was released that I produced,” says Riley. “The company didn’t tell my team what was going on with the song, so I wound up taking a trip there, and it turned into a two-month visit. The first three weeks we were in the apartment making beats. Then we met a friend who became a partner in our company, TRXTeddy Riley Xperience. He showed us the ropes in Korea and connected us to all the major companies, including SM Entertainment, the largest record company in Korea, maybe in all of Asia.”

When talking about the Dangerous product line he mentions...

"I can only say that the Dangerous 2-Bus is the closest thing to the analog SSL I used back in the day. That’s a real strong and prominent sound for me. Using the Dangerous gear has gotten me into that sonic landscape. The Dangerous gear is ‘Warm’ – I can make anything have ‘punch’ in the box, but I can’t make it sound warm, and that’s the thing that I get with Dangerous gear. I can also get a ‘grimy’ sound with Dangerous, and I get ‘presence’ as well. It takes me back to Dolby SR with tape where you feel the warmness of it.”

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