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The music landscape has changed drastically over the past two decade. It’s so intertwined with technology that it deserves a new label (pun intended). We refer to it as Record Label 2.0. Virtual mixing and mastering services like CrazyEye Music Services, music distribution through Amazon, iTunes or on flash drives, online recording collaboration and much more can be found in here.

The Monthlies – Come on Eileen

For about two years now I've been working with a fantastic LA based indie/pop band named The Monthlies. Over the past few weeks we've been putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP titled "Horror Flick", which will include a very cool version of Dexys Midnight Runner's 'Come on Eileen'. If you search YouTube for this song you will see that several groups have covered it, but most versions are similar to the original. Not this one!

The Monthlies, in doing what they do best, have put their own unique spin on this 80's pop standard. I won't say much about what you're going to hear other than if you are expecting an updated rehashing of the Dexys version you're in for a big surprise. We hope you enjoy The Monthlies version of 'Come on Eileen' and please leave a comment below if you'd like to share your thoughts with the band.

[audio:Come_on_Eileen_web.mp3|titles=The Monthlies - Come on Eileen]

The Monthlies are...
Wes O'lee - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jana Bonderman - Lead Guitar
Chris Hall - Bass, Backing Vocals
Nick Miller - Drums

If you like what you hear check out their MySpace page for more songs and a video of their last single, Hip Girl.

Connect with fans

I think we all know that Trent Reznor has done some very cool things for his fans on his own, without a label. Here is a video case study from midem that consolidates all of his efforts into one presentation. What I find most mind boggling is the amount of money he's made from these efforts. And he isn't getting a percentage of this, all of the revenue goes straight to him. I'm really not a fan of Trent or NIN, but this is impressive and he's done an amazing job at turning the industry's business model upside-down.

The Limousines – Very Busy People

I've been hearing the song Very Busy People on several channels while listening to XM radio. I just looked up the band, The Limousines, and on Wikipedia and it says " The band's single "Very Busy People" was released by Universal Republic records but the band is not currently signed to a label". Huh? Distribution through a label without being represented by that label? Is this new? How will the label make money off of this agreement?

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