Echo Nest CEO Explains How New MTV Music Meter Will Help Indie Artists

image from MTV has partnered with Echo Nest to develop products that will to enable better music discovery.  First up is the MTV Music Meter chart that which searches blogs, social media and traditional metrics like radio and sales to determine which artists are getting the most attention.  But unlike Billboards new Social 50 and Big Champagne's Ulitimate Chart, the MTV Music Meter is dominated by developing acts rather than superstars.  We asked Echo Nest CEO Jim Lucchese how they acheived this piece of algorithmic voodoo.

Hypebot: There were many acts in MTV Music Meter top 10 which are not well known or mainstream  artists. How does the technology assure that top artists don't dominate?

Luchesse: The Echo Nest and MTV worked together to ensure the Meter helps fans discover lesser-known artists who are gaining traction online.  The product team at MTV has applied our data along with their own ideas to ensure the Meter is focused on emerging artists with a growing online fan base. The Echo Nest dynamically tracks lots of cultural attributes on an artist, including things like an overall "familiarity" score and how much mainstream media coverage an artist has received.

Hypebot: Is this is the first in a series of projects you’ll be doing with MTV? If so, can you give us a hint at what’s next?

Lucchese: Those guys are definitely cooking up more applications - beyond just web apps.  We can't really get into them in detail yet.  Suffice it to say, we've been really impressed with the creativity of the MTV music product team and their passion around releasing awesome applications for the serious online music fan.

This partnership capitalizes on our two companies' respective strengths. The Echo Nest's dynamic understanding of the music web and MTV's unique ability to connect with and entertain the largest collection of music fans on the web.


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