Gabriel’s Filter Partners With Video Hub Dailymotion

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The Filter, a white-label provider of recommendation systems created by Peter Gabriel has cut a deal with popular video web site Dailymotion. The Filter will deliver video-to-video recommendation services to Dailymotion's 66 million monthly users designed to increase video consumption and user engagement.

image from This partnership follows a successful trial during which The Filter captured over 5 billion video views and delivered 1 billion recommendations globally to Dailymotion users. Even with the vast amount of data, The Filter was able to rebuild its recommendations every two hours leading to increases in views per session and time spent.

Other Filter clients include Sony Music Entertainment, thePlatform, We7 (of which Gabriel is a founding partner)  and a collaboration with Nokia.  Overall The Filter serves over 85 million unique users a month, delivering close to 1 billion API recommendation calls per month.

From the press release:

"After achieving significant user engagement results, I am thrilled that Dailymotion has chosen The Filter as its recommendation engine," said David Maher Roberts, CEO of The Filter. "This new partnership underscores The Filter's recommendation capabilities beyond the music space and validates the effectiveness of the technology at any scale."

Cedric Tournay, CEO of Dailymotion added, "Dailymotion wants to change the online video environment. Working with The Filter, we aim to help our users find the videos that interest them the most, while increasing dwell time, which is so vital to our advertisers."

"Dailymotion is committed to delivering the best video experience to our users and that means helping them find the next great video to watch," said Joy Marcus, General Manager for Dailymotion U.S. "Through The Filter's technology, we will offer our users an even better way of discovering the videos they want to watch on our site. We are moving from good to great. This is an exciting moment for our users."

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