Hey… You on the Phone Blanket!

It’s very easy to instinctively reach for your phone in an uncomfortable moment.  Most phones are equipped with multiple ways to grab and retain your attention.  In social situations like being at a party, bar, or concert, when you are in between conversations, you don’t want to feel like the loser with no one to talk to so you pick up your phone.  Look at it, see if any new emails came in, send a text, read something.  Anything to keep the moment from being awkward.  When you’re walking down the street on the way to work or to meet a friend you pick up the phone.  Walking is boring so why not.  Driving down the road and you’ve got to stay in touch?  Grab that phone and text.

In these moments you are not reaching for your phone, you are reaching for a security blanket.  Your phone as a security blanket is called a Phone Blanket.  Using the Phone Blanket is common in this fast paced world.

We reach for the Phone Blanket because we are afraid that we are going to miss something.  Afraid of the awkward moment.  Afraid of being bored.

If you’re reading this and it jives with you (and I’ll put myself in this camp) then join me in putting down the Phone Blanket.    Lift your head up and take in the fearful moment.  Break through and be a prisoner no more!

Update: Someone had asked me how to break through.  My answer is 1) that awareness of the issue is the first step.  Secondly, if you find that you’d rather not have the phone blanket feeling then 2) when you feel the urge to reach for it, become aware of it, and focus on your breath.  Let the thought pass.  Simply be in that moment without having to reach for the phone.  By doing this you are breaking a habit, and slowly you can condition your mind for a new habit.  The new habit could simply be to enjoy the moment of alone time.  Try to be comfortable by yourself.

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