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This guest post is by Jay Frank, author of Futurehit.DNA and SVP Strategy at CMT.

image from www.socialconversations.comA few weeks ago, I presented at New Music Seminar a list of the number of clicks it takes to get to music content. For those that missed it (or those that couldn’t write it all down), here is the analysis:

It takes several clicks to get to the music from the following:

  • Amazon Purchase (without Account) – 14
  • iTunes Purchase (without Account) – 12
  • Topspin Purchase – 10
  • Topspin Free Download – 5


  • iTunes Purchase (with Account) – 5
  • Amazon Purchase (with Account) – 5
  • Start your personalized Pandora stream – 4
  • Torrent (from Torrent Site) – 4
  • Torrent or Download (from Google Search) – 4
  • Google Onebox Stream – 3
  • YouTube Searched Stream – 3
  • Free Download via Email from Friend – 3
  • iTunes Purchase (Promoted while signed in) – 3
  • Amazon Purchase (with OneClick) – 3

But it only takes one click to get to:

  • Promoted Stream on a Music Blog
  • Free Download on a Music Blog
  • Promoted YouTube video
  • Video or Audio stream from Facebook Status Update
  • Stream on a Myspace Artist Page
  • Stream Recommendation on Subscription Service
  • Free Download via IM from Friend
  • Video recommendation on Twitter
  • Stream or Free Download from an embedded widget
  • Start a promoted Pandora station
  • Start a saved Pandora station
  • Stream a promoted internet radio station
  • Turn on your traditional radio

Why is this important to remember?

Most people you might reach have three shared characteristics:

1) They are not hardcore music fans like you or I
2) They have a lot to do and therefore have very little time to be impressed
3) They are lazy and don’t NEED the new music you’re pushing

Every additional click to the process likely decreases the number of potential people who may hear your music. Make sure music is only one click away in as many places as possible. The fewer clicks, the more potential fans.

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