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image from Recently, I spoke with Alessandro, who is involved with We Love Your Songs, an internet community for unsigned musicians and music fans. In this interview, Alessandro talks about the site, how seek to empower artists, and the migration of users away from LimeWire. 

Why did you create We Love Your Songs?

We Love Your Songs: We created to offer to unsigned artists a new place to share their music and compete with other artists, to help them to bring forward their passion for music and give them the space they can’t find on mainstream channels where major labels are ruling. We have created that also for the music lovers like us that are always looking for new interesting sounds to listen at and that are eager to discover new talented artists.

How will you empower artists and their fans?

We Love Your Songs: First of all we are hoping to empower them by giving the visibility they deserve through our competitions. We are already in talk with other websites to give out additional prizes for the contests and services tailored only for our community. We are not able to reveal anything more than that at the moment but the plan is to gradually offer a full range of services mainly through partnerships/collaborations.

What separates you from other indie music sites?

We Love Your Songs: We are trying to create a lovely community of music fans and unsigned artists where everyone can grow and interact with others in a constructive way, and not a place where people go to have “15 minutes of fame”. We don’t want to go in competition with sites like Myspace, we only look at the niche of unsigned musicians and people who love to discover new great music and songs.

How do competitions work and why should artists join?

We Love Your Songs: We actually host 2 competitions, “Best New Song” and “Best New Artist”. Everyone that registers as an artist in automatically take part in both the contests.

We have set the 31 of January as end date of the first round, after that the ten most voted songs and the ten most voted artists by the public will be selected and will go for a final phase until the 10 of February when a winner for both competitions will be awarded. The votes that artists receive for their songs are valid also for the “Best New Artist” competition comes from the public.

The prize at the moment is £1000 – divided in equal parts between the winners of the two contests.

Unsigned artists should join because we see in the site a great potential and if we grow they can grow with us as well. They can win some prizes, receive feedbacks of their works from other artists and music fans, create their own artist page and be heard from everywhere, from London to a small provincial town in the south India, from San Francisco to a lovely neighborhood in the middle of nowhere. And after all they have nothing to loose since it’s completely free to join our community.

What are your thoughts on the LimeWire shutdown?

We Love Your Songs: It’s honestly always difficult to have a clear position on what is right to do when we talk about piracy. In my opinion negative reinforcement is not the solution, it only perpetuates the problem, other alternatives will appear and piracy will gradually continue to increase. The music industry should comes back once for all to reality, accept that everything in the last years has changed and start to offer a real alternative to piracy.

Will LimeWire users convert to legal services?

We Love Your Songs: No, not in my opinion. For whatever reason they didn’t buy music before then they will continue to do that.

Will you create a community that supports creativity?

We Love Your Songs: Yes, the purpose is to create a community that allows their members to grow together and stimulate creativity and curiosity. We are really looking for new collaborations with Indie labels, organizations and websites to offer exclusive services and tools, and new exciting opportunities to our members.

Is merchandise helping to offset lower music sales?

We Love Your Songs: Maybe in part but I am not sure that this will fill the profit gap created. I think that indie artists have to reinvent the way in which they promote their self and exploit the many opportunities, as the ones we try to offer with Weloveyoursongs, have been created with the massive diffusion of internet.

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