MIDEM 2010 So Far

( #MIDEM ) They say they numbers are down about 10% over last year to closer to 7000 attendees, but on the streets and cafes it seems as busy as always. They included admission to MidemNet in the MIDEM badge this year, so numbers their appeared to be up. A few highlights and impressions:

  • image from www.hypebot.com MySpace really appears to get that they have problems and are working hard to turn them around. It's easy to be skeptical that it won't work, but wouldn't it be better for the music industry if we have choices beyond the less music friendly Facebook?
  • I wrote briefly about Follow Out Boy bassist Peter Wentz and Gina Bianchini of NING's Midem chat. I wish that they'd gotten more into their Friends Or Enemies project - a collective social network for Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Cobra Starship. The concept of sharing fans has a lot of potential.
  • I did not write about the MIDEM chat with Pharrell Williams because its best watched. He's very bright, driven and quite humble. Inspirational, I think, particularly if your on the creative end. Midem has it and lots of video from yesterday here.
  • Fortunately they don't have video of my 5 minute presentation on music monetization. I like what I wrote but not how I delivered it.  I'll try to get the text up here or on MidemNet soon.
  • The trade show opens today and I'm excited to see what's up. The MidemNet Labs startup area has real potential as does Midem+.
  • I'll have some coverage throughout the day (Sunday), but am playing MC to the gathering in the afternoon. Stuart Dredge from Music Ally is live blogging here and providing great coverage
  • Don't forget the Topspin Hypebot and Hello Music Meetup on Tuesday evening.

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