Audio Mixing

Mixing is our forte.

The art of mixing has been lost with the advent of the bedroom studio. It's a critical part of the post production process so we would like to revive its importance by providing you with extremely high quality mixes.

We've been mixing music for over 20 years with 99.999% client satisfaction. Aside from the sonic quality the best part for the artist is that it's not finished until you're completely satisfied. Period. The mix is done when you say it's done. There are no egos here, just pure love for the art of making great music.

David A. Lopez - Logic Mixer Window


Our DAW of choice is Apple's Logic Pro X.

Our core set of audio plugins range greatly.
From Universal Audio to Waves to Apple to iZotope. Here's a very short list of our UAD plugins on Pinterest. We run Universal Audio plugins using a UAD-apollo QUAD Audio Interface.

For monitors we prefer the Focal Alpha 65 Evo with a KRK Sub. We love the Event SP 6's clarity. They are very clean without adding any coloration to the audio signal.

David A. Lopez - Logic Arrange Window

The Process

Most of our work is done virtually. Meaning, you send us files via the internet, we mix the project and send you a high quality mp3 for your comments. Once you think the track is ready we then send you a set of hi-res audio files in the format of your choice. For the entire process overview please visit the How We Work page.

Get in touch

If you'd like to contact us about a mixing project you can do so here, but please visit our Client Guidelines first to make sure we're a good match. Also feel free to leave a comment or start a conversation about music.


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