More Music Industry News: Live Nation Shifts, Bye Vox, Pirate Email, RightsFlow, Howie Schnee & More

Hypebot Favicon (UPDATED) Recent upheaval at Live Nation, including yesterday's resignation of Barry Diller, would seem to mean little to the average musician.  But when the biggest player in both live concerts and ticketing shakes, the rest of the industry tremors. Just as the diminishing power of major labels and major media has opened up incredible entrepreneurial opportunities and led to more consumer choices; cracks in the Live Nation armor mean more openings for new promoters, venues and ticketing platforms.

  • Barry Diller has resigned as the Chairmen of the Board of Live Nation Entertainment. Many observers believe that Irving Azoff will end up at the helm of the live concert and ticketing giant.
  • VoxSony UK's blog that was supposed to shut down the CD demo, shuts down. (Music Ally)
  • As their trial hits day 2, Pirate Bay founders send an e-mail: 'Should we risk jail? (CNet)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • RightsFlow has added Christian Copyright Solutions, a provider of copyright services for churches and ministries, to its growing client mix of clients. RightsFlow offers accounting, clearance, licensing and payments services.
  • A look at the music business program at NYU and it's teachers. (NYO
  • Jonno Seidler argues that nostalgia for the past is killing the Australian music scene. (SMH)
  • Howie Schnee of NYC's Creative Entertainment Group and Sullivan Hall offers the club owners perspective. (Musician Coaching)
  • "Theft: A History of Music," a forthcoming graphic novel that takes aim at the popular music industry's collusion with the governments. (CA)
  • London venue claims its sky-high prices are justified by economics of the black market. (Independent
  • Interview with Danny Dee: Social Media Marketing Strategist. (Volume11)
  • The UK's Associaction Of Independent Music has a new web site featuring resources for indie artist and labels.

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