More Music Industry News: Offline Filesharers, Slacker To Canada, A Label Success Story & More

image from MIDEM Meetup Update: The date has shifted to Tuesday night and artist services startup Hello Music, which is coming out of stealth mode at MIDEM, has joined Topspin and Hypebot in sponsoring the event. So mark Tuesday night on your calendars and stay tuned for details.

More Music Industry News:

  • image from A call for a study of "offline" filesharing. - Swapping of music and video on hard drives and memory sticks could be just as big a threat as online firesharing, says UK report. (Guardian)
  • RIAA: Net neutrality shouldn't inhibit antipiracy. (CNet)
  • Rob Glaser Leaving RealNetworks; A Chance To Reflect On How Being Anti-Consumer Fails In The Long Run. (Mike Masnick @ Techdirt)
  • Slacker launches in Canada. (press release)
  • Google Fights China; Will Yahoo and Microsoft Follow? (Wired)
  • J. Scavo is out at MySpace Records apparently as part of a broader shakeup
  • Rhapsody has launched an Android app. (downlaod)
  • Publisher Warner/Chappell Music has appointed Phil May to the
    newly-created position of VP and General Manager, Nashville. May was
    one of the Founding Partners of global music publisher R2M Music.
  • Clear Channel Launching In-Context Radio Ads (FMQB)
  • A Label Success Story: A&M/Octone has just six acts on its roster and 16 employees,
    including Diener. Yet the small label has scored huge hits with bands
    like pop stars Maroon 5, Christian rockers Flyleaf, and now Hollywood
    Undead, whose debut album has already sold 600,000 copies. (Fortune)
  • image from Is YouTube Finally Ready to Turn a Profit This Year? (MediaMemo)
  • WORTHY CLICK: Radio Tuna  is a new real-time search engine for online radio, with 20,000 stations searchable by artist or genre. each station has a genre profile so you can see how much of each type of music it plays.

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