More Music Industry News: VEVO TV, Copyright Law, The Cost Of Free, Mobile Ticketing & More

Hypebot Favicon So another week begins.  I can't say that I have any idea what this one holds in store, but a good place to start is to make sure that you didn't miss anything important last week. Every Saturday, we post REWIND, a recap of the music industry's top stories as well as a list of top posts on our sister blog Music Think Tank.  Speaking of MTT, we're always looking for thoughtful, quality contributions. Find out how here. And if you're nearby, don't miss Next Big Nashvile this week.  

  • VEVO is planning an expansion that may include a music television network. (FMQB)
  • Pamela Samuelson, a distinguished professor of law, argues that copyright law needs a digital-age upgrade. (SFGate)
  • The Cost Of Free: How Freemium’s Cheerleaders Make A Pretty Penny. (paidContent)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • The winners and losers of social networking promotion. - Some musicians take years to finish a song. When we expect them to bash out blogs too we risk alienating talent  (Guardian)
  • Studio executives discuss the potential of 3D. (Cnet) Check out Kyle's essay on 3D live shows.
  • Ted Cohen: 2011, The Year of the Music Service. (MidemNet)
  • New Mobile Ticketing Service Issues QR Code Tickets via SMS (Mashable)
  • Paul Miller warns companies (again) that copy 'protection' only hurts people who actually buy your product. (Engadet)
  • Will our obsession with 'newness' finish fledgling bands' careers before they have even started? A look into the new hype cycle. (Independent)
  • Graham Henderson of CRIA needs to be more careful about how he characterizes musicians who give their music away for free. (ZeroPaid)
  • Interview: A youthful 61-year-old Bruce Springsteen talks about retracing his steps to a creative fork in the road. (IrishTimes)
  • A confidante of John Lennon reflects on his enduring importance and how he might have reacted to events since his death. (Guardian
  • Melinda Blau explores the relationship revolution’ and how the internet is creating new possibilities for connection and conversation. (PTW)

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