MySpace Opens API. Issues Developer Challenge.

image from MySpace has announced a suite of new API interfaces to encourage developers to leverage public data (status updates, music, photos, videos) in real time and create applications to socialize content on and off the site.

To encourage developers, MySpace has launched a Developer Challenge competition, which kicks off January 4, rewarding developers who create the most interesting use of the new APIs with cash prizes and promotion on MySpace. (Details after the jump.)

The new API includes:

  • Real-Time Stream API: Allows the full MySpace activity stream to be pushed to third party sites in real-time. The API includes granular filters to control the amount of data seen. Google, GroovyCorp, and OneRiot are among the first to implement this new API.
  • Status and Mood Commenting API: Enables third party sites to ingest MySpace status and mood updates and allows people to comment from those sites. Comments appear back in the user’s MySpace activity stream, and users can interact with that stream without leaving the third party site.
  • Open Search API: Allows third party sites to include public MySpace profile information in search results. Users can search for people by name, profile type (e.g., musician, celebrity, comedian) or email address and filter search results by gender, age and location.
  • Photo Upload API: Makes it easy for users to upload photos to MySpace from third party sites or MySpace Apps. The API enables creation of public or private photo albums.
  • Updated Version of Post To/Share on MySpace: Facilitates the sharing of content from third party sites with a MySpace user’s friends. When a user posts content from another site, it goes directly to his/her MySpace activity stream, creating a link back to the third party site.
The developers challenge judging panel will include Mike Jones - MySpace Chief Operating Officer, Ron Conway - Founder and Managing Partner of Angel Investors LP, David Glazer - Engineering Director at Google and Robert Scoble - Renowned blogger and tech evangelist. Winners will be announced at the Game Developers Conference on March 10, 2010 in San Francisco. Complete contest details are available at

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