News Alert: Major Labels Discover Common Sense Thwarts Music Piracy Almost Every Time

image from After reading the news that Universal and Sony Music plan to use "instant singles" as an effort to curve music piracy several times, I feel like the major labels have discovered common sense.

Sadly, not even for the right reasons. 

The article clearly states that they believe this move will show ministers that they're "playing their part in fighting copyright theft."

The omission that they're making is that this looks good and hopefully makes them more money. If their new tactic didn't look good nor make them money, they would've never implemented it. The scary thing is that this is a decade too late. It's 2011 now and if this is news and considered "innovation" on their part, I hate to imagine the other things that labels are still dragging their heels to do.

Let's be clear, in announcing that singles will now be available for sale the same day that they hit radio, David Joseph, the chief executive of Universal Music, has basically told us that he figured out not to eat yellow snow. Why don't you eat yellow snow? Because snow is white and if it's any other color such as yellow, it means that someone has pissed on it. Lessons like this are just common sense.

image from mysplitsecond.comDear press, don't eat this.

This "victory" is a hard one to celebrate. For a decade, fans have heard songs on the radio up to six weeks or more before being able to buy them. Because of this misgiving, they've turned to places like YouTube and LimeWire to "obtain" them.

Now, fans will be able to actually buy songs when they're being heavily marketed to them. And get this: soon they might even be able to buy songs in Google too.

What other common sense practices aren't major labels doing?

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