REWIND: Apple, T Bone Burnett, Pandora, Gene Simmons, Google, Three Strikes, NPR & More

image from The music industry started out with the sad news that Solomon Burke died; he was a client and a friend of Skyline Music. Spotify is looking to start streaming live concerts.  Topspin is going to distribute a new MP3HD format. The EU approved French plan to subsidize the cost of legal downloads in a move to fight piracy. Metallica will release 'Live at Grimey's'  in November exclusively via stores that support the annual Record Store Day promotion.  Sirius XM ends Q3 with record 19.8 million subscriptions. Lastly, Virgin Media is set to partner with Spotify on a subscription-based music service after their own plans stalled.

Rewind With Hypebot's Music Industry Week In Review:


  • Apple released guide to creating a profiles on their social network Ping
  • Major labels failed to enforce three strikes on an ISP in Ireland
  • T Bone Burnett says that artists should stay away from the internet.
  • Trent Reznor understands why fans file-share because he does it too
  • AMA nominees were chosen using UltimateChart and not Billboard 100.
  • INgrooves receives investment from Shamrock Capital Growth Fund II.
  • Pandora is entering the car radio market and has bigger advertisers.
  • The Imperial Stars a publicity stunt to get attention; music not so good.
  • Google tells labels they’ll help track down pirate links if they foot the bill.
  • Gene Simmons damned file-sharing and his sites got knocked offline.
  • Thumbplay could be a contender, but no one knows their real numbers.
  • NPR launched a app that streams a decade of All Songs Considered.


  • Bob Baker shares a story of indie music success and Scotty James.
  • Converse is starting their own recording studio, what does it mean?
  • Interview with Benji Rogers of PledgeMusic, a fan-funding site. (Pt. 1 & 2)
  • T Bone Burnett responds to the questions raised by the readers.
  • Interview with Ethan Kaplan of Warner Music Group. (Pt. 1 & 2)
  • Why more book piracy could actually be a good thing.
  • Interview segment with Robb McDaniels of INgrooves.
  • Ten truths we believe to be true about the recording industry.
  • Why programing is more important than the programs.
  • Should albums only cost $1 or isn't that enough?
  • Artists must consider experiences of potential fans.


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