Sing About Sex And Drugs But Please Hide It More

image from Most bemoaning about the state of popular music is just that. However, this teacher hit on a critical point. Yes, most of the songs on the radio talk about and promote smoking, drug use, greed, laziness, promiscuous sex, and immeasurable amounts of sexism. But what music doesn't? He acknowledges this. The difference between popular music today and that of his generation is that hiding those themes was what made the music artful.

Today, artists throw topics in the face of listeners. They don't take the time to mask the vulgarity with melodies and metaphors. Contrary to what you may be thinking, he doesn't want to censor these themes. Instead, he presses for a revolution in popular music that re-infuses these topics with the artistry and intelligence that actually reflects that of the generation it's being pandered to.

Music is being dumbed down and the sleight cleverness and sophistication of the lyrics is being lost. To this teacher, kids today don't understand the 'art' of music because creators are taking that part out of the music entirely. They give kids all the sex and drugs they want, but leave out the most essential part: rock n' roll.

"Back in the 60’s and 70’s musical artists were singing of almost identical philosophies...The difference, however, between then and now is artfulness.

Sure Simon and Garfunkel were predominantly speaking of drug use, and sure Jim Morrison was talking about a lot of sex, but they did it in ways that

a) reflected the thoughts and ideals of their target generation, and

b) masked what they were talking about with beautiful melodies and vast metaphors... 

What I want is not for artists to stop their illicit behavior or even telling the masses about it. What I ask is for a musical revolution that takes the symphonic style with which America’s youth is enthralled and give it an intelligent turn for the better." (Read on.)

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