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...Because The Grand Prize Alone Is Worth Over $3,500!!!

Here at Hypebot, we’ve channeled our inner pop stars and have written the first data-driven hit song. The catch is that we would like you to write a the music and perform a cover of our song lyric. Today, July 27, through August 10, we will be accepting entries into The Hypebot Hit Song Contest.

The voting process will be taking place throughout the competition; winners will be finalized and issued on August 11. There will be one grand prize winner and three runner-ups. To enter the contest, look for the lyrics below,  perform a cover of the song, and visit our SoundCloud page where you can upload your creation.


Contest participants are encouraged to produce some of the most stereotypical pop song music they can bear to play. Here's a breakdown of awesome prizes:

The Grand Prize:

  • Berkleemusic is offering the winner one free class at their online college for their upcoming September 27th term; they get to pick from over 130 cutting-edge classes. Did you want to take a class on Online Marketing With Topspin? Or, maybe you will decide that it's best to brush up on your Voice Technique or Slap Bass skills instead. The option is open.
  • Exclusive online marketing presence analysis and case study performed by the staff at the indie music marketing hub ReverbNation. This premier into optimizing the winners direct-to-fan efforts will be featured on Hypebot.
  • Jay Frank, Senior Vice President of Strategy at CMT and author of Future Hit.DNA, will perform a "hit-analysis" on one of the winner’s songs. Using the fifteen points he talks about in his book, he will provide the artist with advice on how to create their next chart topping hit song.
  • Bruce and I will also provide our personal consulting services the winner and featuring them as a exclusive Hypebot case study.


But Wait... There's More Prizes!!!!!!!!!!!

The Three Runner-Up Prizes:

  • Bruce and I will feature the three runner-ups on Hypebot, featuring each in their own insight-driven case study where we let the growing community analyze and advise the artist, based on their specific wants and needs. 
  • Tunecore will distribute your album too.
  • SoundCloud yearly Lite accounts. 
  • ReverbNation Press Kit for one year.
  • Bandzoogle subscription for one year.

Awesome prizes, right? Thank our wonderful sponsors for that. In saying that, I think your ready to embarrass yourself a little and get your inner pop star on


What’s unique about the lyric is that the words are those used most often in the Top 50 selling downloads of this year. To illustrate how I used the data to write this lyric, I've color
coordinated the words in the chorus. I used the largest words on
the chart for the chorus and the smaller ones for the verses. Just so you know what kind of terrible awesomeness your getting in, here's a the full song lyric:

The Hypebot Hit Song
Look, my hands gonna touch this, ain’t gonna stop me now
Imma work this, let girls believe I really get down
Take every chick back to New York and let them walk home
Imma get ya name girl, call you on the telephone

Oh baby, yeah, Imma rock your body hardlike damn
Chick I wanna know, cause I get around nowlike bad
Love gonna stop, Imma rock your body hardlike

Had enough tonight, I wanna break the lovelike bad

Gotta cut, get going, I’m ridin’ the world—solo
Life party, girl, Imma romance badder, top get low
Break forever Shawty, cause girls dance at the night show
Don’t be rude sexy, leave your name, cause I gotta go

Oh baby, yeah,
Imma rock your body hardlike damn

Chick I wanna know, cause I get around nowlike bad
Love gonna stop, Imma rock your body hard

Had enough tonight, I wanna break the love
like bad

Everybody now, hey, get down, and let the chicks sing!

Oh baby, yeah,
Imma rock your body hardlike damn

Boy I wanna know, cause I get around nowlike bad
Love gonna stop, Imma rock your body hard

Had enough tonight, I wanna break the love
like bad

To partake, write the music and submit your cover of our hit song. None of this would be possible without the work and kindness of our prize sponsors.

Thank You To Everyone Who Helped Out!!!!!!!!!!!

Creative Commons License

The Hypebot Hit Song by Kyle Bylin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. For permissions beyond the scope of this license, contact me. Any further questions should be e-mailed directly to me.

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