This Week’s iPhone & Android Music App Roundup

image from This guest post from intern Peter Amara is the latest installment of This Week In Music Apps. This round saw the team scouring the app stores once again to separate the wheat from the chaff, resulting in a fresh list of ten promising new music app options for iPhone and Android.


Mixcloud (free; see review) Mixcloud’s on-demand radio app lets you stream a large catalog of podcasts, radio shows, and DJ Mix sets. It’s free for now, but the developer says that could change soon.

Slacker Radio (free) Slacker Radio, a popular streaming app on a number of mobile platforms has been given a new face for the iPad, with features for iPhone and iPod as well. The revamped format includes over 150 radio stations in a wide variety of genres, from alternative to country, hip-hop to Latin. Listeners can build custom playlists and store stations for playback without WiFi or a cellular data connection — perfect for keeping your music going all day long.

 3d Music Player Pro ($2; See our review) 3D Music Player Pro’s unique equalizer presents a new way to listen to your favorite tracks in 3D stereo. Simply select songs and/or playlists from your music library, and apply your desired options. Equalizer presets address genres including pop, rock, classical, jazz, and R&B, and you can tweak the presets with the app’s realtime multi-band equalizer.

Fit Radio (free) Looking for that perfect workout mix? Fit Radio supplies DJ playlists designed to energize your routine, with a consistently high BPM. You can fine-tune these morale-boosting tunes by genre, station, or DJ. Ads are kept to a minimum, and are introduced at a low volume several times per hour.

Drums SD (free) Drums SD will scratch the drumming itch of those who want to rock without investing in either a real drum kit, or a paid drum kit app. The app is geared towards children, to provide great early music education. HD samples add authentic crash, kick and snare sounds and you can add background guitar or a metronome to practice staying on beat. It’s anice free app for getting started playing rhythms without the hit to your wallet.

Q It Up! ($1) Q It Up lets you build playlists on-the-fly out of the music on your iOS device. You can continue to add to the playlist as it plays.


Pzizz ($5) Pzizz claims to help listeners relax, cure insomnia, boost daytime energy, and reduce stress with calming soundtracks available through two different sleep modules. Pzizz PowerNap is designed for mid-day recharges, while Pzizz Sleep will help you wind down at the end of the day. If this sounds good, you might want to grab it before the end of June when the introductory offer expires and the price will increase to $10.

Panopti Tunes ($8) This fresh Android release turns your home computer into a streaming server, so you can broadcast music to your Android device without the need to sync. The app streams MP3s, M4As, and podcasts. Listeners can create playlists within the app, or pre-configure them on the computer.

3 (AKA Cubed) (free) Cubed music player is a unique way to access your Android’s music collection; you select what you want to hear through its cube interface. Spin the cube on its X axis to scroll through all your albums by artist, or skip around the alphabet with thumb flick to the left or right. Tapping one side of the cube brings up the displayed album so you can select individual tracks. If you get tired of the 3D interface, Cubed also offers more tradition 2D scrolling options.

XiiaLive ($5) This powerful radio app offers streaming access to 40,000 radio stations locally and across the country, each filed under 39 distinct genres. This paid version combines ad-free streaming with animations, the ability to rewind, and a full screen mode. XiaaLive also allows listeners to filter searches by audio format and bit rate, if you prefer high-quality audio.

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