Top 2 Things Gaga, Akon, Maroon5, Top Artists Know About Facebook & Twitter: Reach & Communicate

This guest poHeadlinerpostst comes from Mike More, the founder and CEO of, a social recommendation network for musicians.

 LadyGaga, Akon, Diddy and crew are not buying fans or followers; they are using social media to reach and communicate with their fans.  

They could not have gotten their millions of fans or followers by buying them. Take Gaga's 32 million people that follow or like her: if she were to buy these follows by running Facebook or Twitter ads this would have cost her about $32,000,000. She understands that all of her followers and FB fans do not purchase a download, a ticket to a show or re-tweet and repost her messages. So what is the value of Facebook and Twitter for these artists?


It’s Reach and Communication. It’s not about collecting fans or followers. They know that "Likes" and Followers have to happen organically and the real value that these platforms offer is the ability to communicate in real-time.
To provide some more perspective on this you need to understand that Facebook and Twitter were not built to be big broadcast mediums like Radio or TV. They were built as social comunication platforms for small groups of people who share a connection. When the audience was there, Radio and TV were much better marketing platforms for artists.
An artist's biggest challenge today is to figure out how to use Facebook and Twitter to provide reach and frequency like these older broadcast mediums did so well; until recently, it was labor intensive, making it almost impossible. Think of it like this: what if each time your song was played on the radio you had to pay for that spin? No artist would or could ever use radio–same goes for TV and YouTube. This is kind of what Facebook and Twitter were for artists until companies like Headliner came along to harness the social marketing power of the new music industry.

Before social network aggregators like Headliner, in order to communicate with new fans you had to get music fans to "Like" or follow you first and then you could share your music. This would be like if the only way to sell your albums were to send mailers to your fan club. Under this model, new or established artists would never be able to reach a big enough audience enough times to make a real impact. They would never able to expand their reach. They got big reach on social media only after they became well known.
Savvy musicians and successful industry players understand that reach and communication will help out artists the most. The current model of "Like /Follow first" is broken for all artists. It is slow, costly and could never deliver the impact of radio or TV. In new social currency systems like Headliner's, for the first time any artist can reach and communicate with millions of new Facebook fans and Twitter followers without having to have them like or follow them. This is achieved by having compatible artists recommend and share other bands' music with their fans. This recommendation economy not only enables artists to reach and communicate with new fans faster and cheaper, it also lets them reach a much wider audience with greater regularity.
In the new music business, it's not about collecting fans, its about reach and communication. Services that provide all artists the same value of reach and communication on Facebook and Twitter as Gaga, Akon and Diddy in one place and artists that make the most of such services will inevitably rise to the top of the new music industry.

About - Founded in 2010, is presently home to over 65,000 artists and 230 million fans, exchanging over 6,000 recommendations per day on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

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