(UPDATE 3) Mulve Music Download Tool: Recorded Music Industry’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

image from www.iwatchstuff.com (Update 3) The RIAA and the entire recorded music industry's worst nightmare may have just come true with the launch of Mulve.com. "Almost too good to be true," squealed TorrentFreak. "With a huge database of songs, Mulve delivers music to users’ desktops at amazing speeds at the touch of a button with zero uploading, meaning that “getting caught” is no longer a concern." Of course, the big question is, how long will it last?

UPDATES plus Details & A Video Demo

LATEST UPDATE: As of Friday afternoon MOG is back up.

 Late on Thursday through at least FrIday morning, Mulve was down with this message:

"Hey guys, we apologize for the temporary delay.
Our servers unfortunately could not cope with the amount of simultaneous downloads being done (of Mulve).

We are in the process of upgrading our current data plans.
This shouldn't take longer than a few hours.
After we are done downtime should become much less frequent."

Thanks for waiting,

Mulve requires no registration and comes as a 2MB zip file that includes the installer itself and a text file on how to donate to the project.  Here is how the creators describe Mulve and themselves:

"Originating from computer adept backgrounds, two guys, both musicians, met one day. After a drink, it was final, they decided to start developing a program like no other, something that would allow people to find a tune they wanted, no slower than a click of a button.

Mulve, is just that program. After years of development we wanted to bring you something that you would enjoy loading up, something that was not for personal gain or for money. Something that could run flawlessly without so much as a momentary hiccup. Something that would prove to be a monumental breakthrough in terms of music discovery."

Mulve appears amazingly simple to use and virtually untrackable.  Here is their official video demo:

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