Why Email For MP3 Exchanges Fail

image from www.vocabvideos.com The entire music industry is infatuated with the idea of free. It is a valid and strategic marketing tool. But if not used correctly, then it holds no relevance for  the oversaturated fan. There have been numerous times when I've gone to a band’s site to get a free mp3 and have decided to not complete their process. The reason being that the value of the mp3 was not free, it was work.

In the digital age, time is money. If artist’s have the sense to put Google analytics into their website to see where their audience is coming from, they should have the decency to make the process of getting their "free" songs easier.

The exchange of an email address for a song should be relatively painless.

The user gives the artist their email address and the artist emails or gives them the song. If the user likes it, the artist gains a fan and a potential album sale.

If the user doesn’t complete the process, then, it's your problem, not theirs.

The Potential Fan Experience

Right now, the music industry is failing to take into consideration the experience of the potential fan. The artist’s job is to make the potential fan want to listen to their song, purchase their album and give the artist the means to contact them.

In the new music industry, the artist wears many hats. This includes thinking about how fans would approach your widgets and how they relate to them.

Anyone can set up a Twitter or Facebook account and post tweets and blogs and events to those accounts. The validity of your image coincides with your music.

Fans are no longer buying music. Artists need to find new ways to make potential fans become interested enough in their music to actually buy it.

The Business Exchange

Without fans artists don’t have a career. Without song sales they don’t make money. And without money they fail to survive within the new music business model. Though artists are constantly on the search for ways to make money, they fail to use the tools available to them to help engage their potential fans.

By understanding their audience better, artists can then plan a social media strategy to engage the ones they have and utilize those fans to gain new ones.

When you set up a way for fans to get your MP3, please remember that this is a business exchange. They get your music and you get a way to make them want to buy your music. As an avid music consumer, I can honestly say that 9 out of 10 times if you make this process painless and your music is good; I will buy it.


Written by Hypebot intern Corey Crossfield (@popqueer), author of Blog It: How The Web Changed Music Criticism.

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